The newest book of Dr. Paul Clayton – “Let Your Food be Your Pharmaco-Nutrition. The New Road to Health, Healing and Happiness”.
Public health is declining. The so-called ‘diseases of civilisation’ are increasing, and occurring in progressively younger groups of people. Waistlines are expanding, intelligence and fertility are falling, and prospects for the next generation look bleak.
At the core of all these problems is a process called ‘inflammageing,’ a metabolic error largely caused by our diets and lifestyles. There are no drugs available to treat this, but it can easily be reversed by making a few simple changes.
This book explains what inflammageing is, and how it damages your health. It shows what causes it, and how to minimise those causes. And it shows you how to switch inflammageing off, to achieve better health and – if you want it – a longer life.

The book “LET YOUR FOOD BE YOUR PHARMACO-NUTRITION” is available in Amazon Kindle, Audible and as paperback.

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