Dr. Paul Clayton

COVID19: The Beat Goes On


Public health agencies everywhere are failing to contain this exciting new viral invention, and the hip kids are getting it....

Going Viral


The situation with the coronavirus formerly known as Wuhan, then 2019-nCoV and now COVID19, is developing rapidly. The picture is...

Wuhan II: We Must Act Now


Signals are starting to emerge from the noise. According to various sources, the majority of individuals infected with 2019-nCoV are...


It’s Five o’ Clock Somewhere


Google has been racking up enquiries from people asking whether the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV, or Wuhan), is linked somehow to...

Be Stiff


Devo, the trail-blazing nerd-rock group out of Akron, released Be Stiff in 1978. I spent a wild night seeing them...

Ghost in the Shell


C60 (carbon-60) is generating a lot of interest in alternative medical spheres. The third form of carbon after graphite and...

America Eats its Children


In 1729 the great satirist Jonathan Swift published his ‘Modest Proposal’ as an attack on the British government's inability to...

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