Dr. Paul Clayton - Inflammatory Relations

Inflammatory Relations


There are some well-known factors that cause chronic inflammation, and thus predispose to disease; and some not so well known...

Dr.Paul Clayton - Who will win the War against Disease?

Who will win the War against Disease?


Governments and their bankster backers love wars – and not just war wars.  The War on Alcohol – aka prohibition...

Dr.Paul Clayton - The West is The Best

The West is The Best


The West is The Best. (The End, Jim Morrison 1967). William Gibson, whose multi-layered Neuromancer trilogy is in my view...

Dr.Paul Clayton - Fat Chance

Fat Chance


The debate about fat has raged since the 50’s when Ancel Keys, one of the first researchers to examine the...

Dr. Paul Clayton - Health and Fatness

Health and Fatness


We are getting fatter as a population, but we have not reached peak fat. If we let out our waistbands,...

Dr.Paul Clayton - High-Pitched Wine

High-Pitched Wine


‘Alcohol – the cause of, and the solution to, all life’s problems.’ (Hat tip Homer Simpson). Alcohol wrecks lives. Having...

From Alga to Omega Dr.Paul Clayton

From Alga to Omega


Fish oil doesn’t work. Clinical trials have been generating terrible results lately both for the fish oil industry, and all...

Dr.Paul Clayton - Biohack This!

Biohack This!


Biohacking is big in Sweden.  The trans-humanist biohackers - the ones who want to augment the human body a la...

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