From Alga to Omega Dr.Paul Clayton

From Alga to Omega


Fish oil doesn’t work. Clinical trials have been generating terrible results lately both for the fish oil industry, and all...

Dr.Paul Clayton - Biohack This!

Biohack This!


Biohacking is big in Sweden.  The trans-humanist biohackers - the ones who want to augment the human body a la...

The Pro-Vegetarian Diet Dr.Paul Clayton

The Pro-Vegetarian Diet


There are hard-core vegetarians, of course, but many of the folks I know who call themselves vegetarians eat chicken, fish,...

Dr.Paul Clayton Sunlight and Shadows

Sunlight and Shadows


Research by the legendary Bruce Ames has thrown up new links between maternal vitamin D, or the lack of it,...

System of a Down Dr. Paul Clayton

System of a Down


According to the World Health Organisation, depressive illness is now the number 1 health disorder globally. The trend is not...

Take a Deep Breath Dr. Paul Clayton

Take a Deep Breath


Breathing comes so naturally that much of the time we don’t even notice that we’re doing it – unless we...

Dr.Paul Clayton Presentation in Lithuanian event

How I challenged Graves Disease


I thought I’d strike an autobiographical note for the first entry. I don’t find myself nearly as interesting as the...

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