The Bug is a Feature (III)


Hippocrates famously claimed that all disease originated in the gut. Although this is of course untrue, it is clear that...

The Dope


If you think that mental illness will always happen to someone else, think again. The full lifetime risk of developing...

Dr. Paul Clayton - The cancer dance

The cancer dance


Cancer and inflammation are profoundly inter-connected.  From a cytological perspective, tumours can be regarded as wounds that will not heal;...

Dr. Paul Clayton - The Brilliance of Resilience

The Brilliance of Resilience


The relationship between stress, inflammation, disease and politics is highly complicated, but is clearly very important – and it is...

Dr. Paul Clayton - Burr under the Saddle

Burr under the Saddle


Sigmund Freud did not discover the subconscious, which had been explicitly described by the German renaissance figure Paracelsus some three...

Dr. Paul Clayton - April is the cruellest month

April is the cruellest month


‘April is the cruellest month, breeding. Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing. Memory and desire, stirring. Dull roots with...

Dr.Paul Clayton

You be Ernst. I’ll be Frank…


A couple of weeks ago, while on a lecture tour of Italy, the Czech Republic and Poland (where I had...

Dr. Paul Clayton - Check my Brain (Black gives way to Blue)

Brain statement


The history of our attempts to understand and treat mental problems recapitulates and reflects our social, philosophical and economic development....

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