Dr. Paul Clayton - Losing my religion

Losing my religion


At the end of each year I look back to the preceding year and reflect on how limited my understanding...

Dr. Paul Clayton - Complex Inflammation

Complex Inflammation


There is acute inflammation, which is generally a good thing and is involved in clearing infections and tissue damage; and...

Dr. Paul Clayton - The Bug is a Feature (Part II)

The Bug is a Feature (Part II)


If you didn’t know by now that we are half human half bug, you have not been paying attention to...

Dr. Paul Clayton - Inflammation Near and Far, East and West

Inflammation Near and Far, East and West


Two related questions.  Q1. If, thanks to our terrible diets and lifestyles, chronic inflammation is rife (and the public health...

Dr.Paul Clayton - Egg and sperm race

Egg and sperm race


Q. Are we not men? A. We are Devo! Over the last few decades, a growing number of scientific papers...

Dr. Paul Clayton - The microbiome and the brain

The microbiome and the brain


Like beta software, humans are full of bugs. And like beta software too, something that you first thought of as...

Dr. Paul Clayton - Breakfast in America

Breakfast in America


I apologise for the pap reference. I loathe the music of the middle of the road musicians who produced the...

Dr. Paul Clayton - Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar


We just ate Christmas. For many it is a time to let dietary inhibitions fall away and over-indulge, with cake,...

Dr. Paul Clayton - Happy genes, smiling vegetables

Happy genes, smiling vegetables


An old friend who held a senior position at Disney told me that every Christmas, theme park staff have the...

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