Dr.Paul Clayton - Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences


I flew from London to Vienna last week and noticed that many of the young and trendy were carrying squeeze...

Dr. Paul Clayton - The Good, the Bad and the Unknown

The Good, the Bad and the Unknown


There is a lot of ill health around, and many people blame it on our modern and corrupted diet. It...

Dr. Paul Clayton - Inflammatory Relations

Inflammatory Relations


There are some well-known factors that cause chronic inflammation, and thus predispose to disease; and some not so well known...

Dr.Paul Clayton - Who will win the War against Disease?

Who will win the War against Disease?


Governments and their bankster backers love wars – and not just war wars.  The War on Alcohol – aka prohibition...

Dr.Paul Clayton - The West is The Best

The West is The Best


The West is The Best. (The End, Jim Morrison 1967). William Gibson, whose multi-layered Neuromancer trilogy is in my view...

Dr.Paul Clayton - Fat Chance

Fat Chance


The debate about fat has raged since the 50’s when Ancel Keys, one of the first researchers to examine the...

Dr. Paul Clayton - Health and Fatness

Health and Fatness


We are getting fatter as a population, but we have not reached peak fat. If we let out our waistbands,...

Dr.Paul Clayton - High-Pitched Wine

High-Pitched Wine


‘Alcohol – the cause of, and the solution to, all life’s problems.’ (Hat tip Homer Simpson). Alcohol wrecks lives. Having...

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